The Lady Puppet

Hollow-headed, easily manipulated

Okay so
I broke my ankle in February. Yay! Last Thursday, I finally ditched the crutches and I can drive and shit now, so life is fantastico. Except that I haven't worked in 3 months and I am TOTALLY BROKE and my car rego is due at the end of this month. So I finally filed my tax return today. Getting $800 back and then my Ruddbux. Thanks, K.Rudd. I hate the way you run my country but I do love that you're paying my rego.

My parents have gone away for a month and NewBoyfriend, who is Former Best Friend, has been at my house for the last week. He is always playing Prince of Persia and ignoring me. Very rude. I can't compete, Farah has bigger boobs than me. :O


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